Flematec Standard and Custom Products

Containers for Fish Food

We manufacture standard and specialized fish food containers.
Containers vary in size, functionality, features.

For your specific needs please take contact.

Hydraulic Sløyekar

Flematec provides robust units made out of aluminium and stainless.
They are hydraulic powered with stainless steel cylinders.
We provide standard dimensions, configuration and custom ones to fit any location.

Power: hydraulic with stainless cylinders.
Operation: Control valve.
Optional: Remote Control.

For your specific needs please take contact.

Fishing Boats

We manufacture aluminium small and medium size fishing boats. Standard or according to customer specifications.

For your specific needs please take contact.


We will update our list of standard products in short time.

Customer request

We have the complete setup to fabricate most types of products, solutions you might have.

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Always improving

FLEMATEC is always improving its services and adding new products to portfolio. Please take contact with us if you have a project or request.

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