Flematec offers a wide range of fabrication processes from cutting, welding to surface treatment either for complete manufacturing process or as individual operation.

We are located in previously known Triplex facilities and we have the complete fabrication lines ready with experienced operators.


We have water cutter 2000 x 6000mm.
Water cutter Kimtec with a working area of 2000x6000. Cuts all kinds of materials, plastic, wood, rubber, steel and glass. Thickness up to 200mm.


160T bending machine.
We perform bending of plates with thicknesses up to 10mm and 3000mm wide.
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We perform multiple types of welding's with ISO 9606-1 certified welders.
We have a very well equipped welding facility with all the necessary equipment.


Our dedicated facility for machining is equipped with a variety of machines. For our complete machining capabilities, please contact with us.

Surface Treatment

We provide top quality surface treatment operations: sandblasting, metallization, painting and acid treatment.
We have an excellent dedicated facility equipped with cranes (10T capacity) and 5 running cats, 2 painting pumps of the type Wiwa 24071 which are fixed in their own pump andmixing room. The exhaust fan has a capacity of 24,000 m3/h, and heating takes place with an oil burner Dantherm WA 150. This has its own control where you can set the desired time and temperature for spray extraction, which automatically switches to drying as desired preset temperature and time. We have paint stock in an external heated container
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Hose and Pipe workshop

Flematec has a complete hose workshop well equipped.
We make hydraulic hoses for all purposes within most segments.

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Knut Ivar Rangøy
COO & Factory manager
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