Flematec takes great pride in serving clients.

Our comittment

FLEMATEC provides quality services for the most demanding clients.
We provide capacity and expertise whenever you need it.

Wide expertise.
Guaranteed quality.
Reliable support.
Boat service hub.
Large Workshop.
Own pier.

Maritime Services

Complete Boat Service Hub

We have an excellent pier equipped with STORM crane, where large vessels can be moored. Services for commercial boats/vessels and pleasure crafts.
Services and upgrades.
Repairs and maintenance.
Complete package: mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services.

Industrial Services

Norwegian industry and international equipment suppliers to industry have formed our core business for many years. We carry out:
Maintenance/repair of all mechanical equipment.
Certified welding of all types of material from acid-resistant, aluminum and black steel.
Installation of mechanical equipment in factories.
And More...


You’re in the business of delivering products and services. We’re in the business of providing people. People who are specially recruited and trained to get the job done for you.

Certified welders within most disciplines.
Sheetmetal workers.
Installation technicians for steel structures.
Industrial mechanics.
Scaffolding workers.
And more...

Hire professional and save on your time and money

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Our Services

Expert Planning

With in house specialists and a good collaborator network we are in a position to plan projects correctly and keep our timeline.

In house specialists

Trough our partnership with STORM we have the engineering design support needed for the most demanding projects.

Strong partnership

For specific projects and tasks consulting is the primary task in the process.


With a large and well equipped workshop and trained personnel we provide a wide variety of fabrication, repairs, installations.

See our workshop and much more.
Delivery & Installation

Flematec has complete kit of machines and personnel to perform delivery, installation and commissioning anywhere the client needs.

See our Equipment
Service & After Service

In line with our core business, Flematec takes great responsibility in providing Service and After Service anywhere needed to always keep the customer satisfied.

For customer satisfaction

Always improving

FLEMATEC is always improving its services and adding new products to portfolio. Please take contact with us if you have a project or request.

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